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Dietetický prípravok pre špeciálne medicínske účely

BIOXSINE products

BIOXSINE hair loss serum

Bioxinsine serum is a new generation formula based on natural substances. The main effect is achieved through BIOCOMPLEX B11, which includes all the ingredients necessary for hair growth and regeneration. The main advantage is simple application without known side effects with long-term effects even after the end of the treatment. As studies aimed at improving hair growth through cosmetics or medical devices, BIOXSINE products are permanently present at the forefront of the evaluation.


BIOXSINE hair loss shampoo for every hair

BIOXSINE shampoos contain, in addition to the natural ingredient BIOCOMPLEX B11, other ingredients that predispose them to everyday use. Besides pleasing skin refreshments, they feature special formulations for every type of hair and skin.

Orthomol® products

Orthomolecular medicine:

the key to health

The founder of orthomolecular medicine is the double Nobel Prize laureate, American Professor Linus Carl Pauling. In his research,

that the basic needs of the human body suffer from a lack of necessary nutrients due to edible diet and poor eating habits.
This deficit mainly concerns groups of substances such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and fatty acids.SIGNIFICANT PROTECTION IN PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF LARGE, TWO CIVILIZED RELIGIONS The idea of correct molecules in the right quantities for human needs is based on Pauling’s own experience. The goal of the orthomolecular principle is to prevent and support the treatment of severe chronic and degenerative diseases that are influenced by nutrition and vitality to a high age due to a significant anti-aging effect. At present, more and more doctors perceive this principle as an important addition to pharmacotherapy.

However, the orthomolecular micronutrients can not be produced in sufficient quantities (some at all) in the human body, and therefore they must be supplied in nutrition. Are preparations on orthomolecular principle also available in Slovakia? Yes, for example Orthomol preparations. These are nutritional supplements and dietetic foods for special medical purposes that supply the human body with important micronutrients to restore and maintain the function of all organs and metabolism processes.

German manufacturer Orthomol GmbH – as the first company in its segmented segment – manufactures dietetic foods for special medical purposes and nutritional supplements according to strict food safety criteria. It has also been awarded the ISO 22,000 certificate, the highest standard for food safety.

How long should preparations be used on the orthomolecular principle? Feeding micronutrients is needed every day, regular use is recommended for a long time (minimum 3 to 4 meals).

Where to get more information? If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us at www.ortomol.sk, www.panmed.sk.

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